Otago Masters Athletics




Athletics New Zealand members - $0


Your Masters membership is already covered by your Athletics NZ membership fee (registered with a Club)

  • You are eligible to compete at Interclub meetings on a Saturday afternoon at the Caledonian Ground.
  • Eligible to enter the Otago Championships
  • Eligible to set Otago Masters Records.
  • Eligible to compete at all NZ Masters Championships – South Island, North Island and New Zealand.  Oceania Championships and World Masters Championships. 
  • Eligible to compete in all Athletics NZ Championships.
  • Membership year is April to March.

Annual subscription to Vetline is $25 pa – please contact the Otago Masters Treasurer if you wish to receive a copy of the Vetline.


Please note that if you are competing overseas at the Oceania or World Masters Championships you will require a Masters membership number.  If you don’t have a number, eg 7###, please contact the Otago Masters Treasurer.


NZMA Only Competitive Membership - $60


  • Eligible to compete at all NZ Masters Championships – South/North Island Championships, NZ Championships, Oceania and World Masters Championships.
  • Eligible to enter the Otago Championships.
  • Eligible to set Otago Masters Records.
  • Includes Annual Subscription to Vetline
  • Membership year is September to August.
  • Eligible to compete at Interclub meetings but you are required to pay a Non-Registered fee of $20.00


NMZA Only Social Membership - $45


  • Non competitive
  • Includes Annual Subscription to Vetline
  • Membership year is September to August.

Please fill out the Registration Form or email the Treasurer.

Please let us know if your address/email has changed in the last 12 months.



NZ Singlets

If competing at Oceania and World Championships you are required to wear a NZ Singlet.  Otago Masters have a small number available and there is an order form on the NZ Masters website:   https://nzmastersathletics.org.nz






Kennys Canter (Bill Kenny Memorial)

The Kennys Canter has been held each November since 2013 in memory of the late Bill Kenny who died in November 2012. Bill was a legendary figure in Otago Athletics particularly in the Masters Section where he was much admired for his competitive attitude and a willingness to inspire others with his genuine passion for Athletics at all levels. Bill was a versatile and consistent Masters Athlete who
accumulated a number of National and Provincial titles as he moved through the various Age Group Sections. Above all else Bill was known for his consideration to others and his desire to communicate his love of Athletics to anyone he came into contact with.

Bill particularly loved the Steeplechase Event to an extent that few others in his age group could equal. The Kennys Canter Relay is designed to illustrate the enthusiasm Bill always had for this demanding event. The Relay will consist of teams of three made up of 2 Runners and 1 Walker with a Steeplechase placed in the back straight for each team member to negotiate.


Geoff Capon Memorial 5km Beach Run

Otago Masters Athletics hold an annual event known as Geoff Capon Memorial 5K Beach Run held along St Clair and St Kilda Beaches.

Geoff Capon was a successful and enthusiastic Otago Masters Athlete during the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s. He was a proficient Track Athlete and particularly enjoyed participating in Hurdles and Steeplechase Events. Geoff holds the Otago Record for the Masters Men 55-59 100m Hurdles of 20.86 set during the New Zealand Masters Games held in Dunedin on February 10th, 2002.

With a strong academic background and an inquiring mind Geoff was always keen to put forward any ideas he thought would benefit his chosen Sport of Athletics particularly the Masters Section. The 5K Beach Run was originally held in July as a novelty event suggested by Geoff as a means of reviving interest during what is usually the coldest and bleakest time of the year.

For some years now, the Otago Masters Beach Run has been held just prior to Christmas as the idea of continuing with the Mid-Winter concept had lost its original appeal. Although the time frame is now different Geoff would be pleased that the Beach Run still retains its place on the Otago Masters Athletics Calendar and that the event itself remains dedicated to his memory.