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Congratulations to Geoff Anderson, Barbara Patrick,Kristy Eyles and Andrew Lonie for their podium placings at the NZ cross country champs. Well done from Otago Masters. Also to Michelle Watt who just missed the major placings. The Blue and Gold was proudly evident


Congratulations to those competed in the Edmond Cup and Otago Cross Country Champs. Its the busy end of the Season. Next up on the Calendar is Port Chalmers to Dunedin Road Race and Otago Road Champs.


Well done to all those that broke a record over the season (Otago and New Zealand). The new Otago records have been uploaded and a full list of athletes that broke records in the 2018-19 Summer Season has been published on the records page of the website.



17 August 2019 - Port Chalmers to Dunedin Road Race - Details

24 August 2019 - Otago Road Champs 

31 August - 7 September 2019 - Oceania Masters Athletics - Mackay, Queensland, Australia - Details

1 September 2019 - Dunedin Marathon (inc NZ Half Marathon Champs and Otago Marathon Champs) - Details

21 September 2019 - Otago Peninsula Relay

20th October 2019 - Hill Free Half Marathon (inc Otago Half Marathon Champs) - Details

15th November 2019 - South Island Masters Track and Field Champs - Christchurch, New Zealand - Details

ACTION FROM Kenny's Canter - 13 February 2019 
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Winners - 2019

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Steeplechase Styles 2019

ACTION FROM 5km Self Handicap - 30 January 2019 
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Thanks to Phil Coakes for the Photos 

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Winners - 2019

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