Otago Masters Athletics

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Notice of AGM

Notice is now given of the Annual General Meeting of Otago Masters Athletics. This will be held on September 23 2020 at 7pm in the Otago Athletics Rooms Logan Park Drive. We will be holding in conjunction with this meeting, The Athlete of the Year awards that have been held over due to Covid. All trophy winners will be contacted and I urge all to be present to accept your trophies. There will also be a small supper to follow.


Oceania Throws Pentathlon

We will hold the Oceania Throws Pentathlon Challenge on: Sunday 20th September at the Caledonian Ground (back field for hammer, discus and weight - inside Cale for the javelin and shot put).
Start time:    10.30 am Cost: 10

Subscription Renewal

Otago Masters Association Registration 2020-21 and Vetline Subscription for 2021 available now here



September 23rd, 2020 - Otago Masters AGM


September 20th 2020 - Oceania Throws Challenge


October 17th 2020 - Track and Field Season begins


2020 Worldwide Virtual MAsters Challenge




Congratulations to those that competed at the 2020 Worldwide Masters Challenge recently. We were in Division B as we competed at an official facility with local officials...not at an official meeting as those in Division A did. The Virtual Champs were held as a Replacement for the cancelled Toronto World Champs, encouraging all Masters to keep fit and to aim for a fun competition during these difficult Covid times. Some achieved PB's, some were winners, some did not do as well as hoped for, but all were happy to achieve at least one placing for NZ. Results here

Kenny's Canter - November 2019

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Winners - Kenny Canter 2019

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Thanks to Phil Coakes for the Photos